We are excited to announce that we have recently launched support for Microsoft SNDS!  The steps below should work for most senders (using a static IP address) to setup access to your Microsoft SNDS account.  

In some cases, you may need to work with your Email Service Provider to gain access to your Microsoft SNDS data feed. 

1 - Navigate to the Microsoft Smart Data Network Service Page and Request Access. 

2 - While on the Request Access page, input your IP address or CIDR range into the Network to request access for input box and click Submit

3 - After submitting your IP request you'll then be prompted with a list of verification email addresses associated to the IP or IP ranges you entered.  Choose one you can receive email at to receive the authorization email.

4 - After verifying your account and signing in, click the View Data link on the left.

5 - Once on the View Data screen you'll see a link for View or change your automated access settings. Click this link to get access to your data URLs.

6 - On the automated access settings page, you'll need to enable automated access. You can do this by clicking the Enable Automated Access button.

7 - Once you have enabled automated access you will see two links that provide access to your automated SNDS data feed and your access key.  The first line (the one ending with "data.aspx") is the one you will need to integrate your SNDS data feed with Inbox Tracker.

8 - Copy-and-paste this data access link into the SNDS Configuration within Inbox Tracker 2.0. For additional information on configuring SNDS in Inbox Tracker, see this help article.

And that's it!  Our systems will automatically pull your SNDS data feeds for new data multiple times per-day.  If you have any questions on configuring SNDS, please don't hesitate to reach out to your account manager or our client support team.

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