Are you a new user or team that needs training? Here is how to arrange a session.

We recommend two training sessions for all users; a basic and an advanced session.

A basic training gives a high-level overview of our platform, how it works, recommended configurations, and data analysis recommendations. Most of the topics in our Inbox & Competitive Tracker Reference Guides are covered in a basic training session.

An advanced* session dives in to specific use cases and troubleshooting recommendations. Potential topics may include:

  • What action(s) do I take from my data?

  • What alerts should I have configured?

  • What other advanced settings are optimal for my account?

  • How can I identify a spam trap in my list from the platform?

  • What insights can I learn from successful senders in my industry?

To schedule either a basic or an advanced training session, please fill out one (or both) of the following forms:

We'll follow-up within 24 hours with a scheduling link. Talk soon! 👋

Please note that our Product Specialist Team can provide recommendations on how to use the platform to follow basic email best practices, but they are not deliverability experts that can give specific remediation advice.

If you are having inbox placement or reputation issues, please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss how a deliverability expert can provide specific guidance through a consulting agreement.*

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