Our IntelliSeed list allows you to test/supplement your campaigns to receive deliverability data for over 30 ISPs around the world. Most of our users send to the entire list of IntelliSeed addresses, but many of our users like to send to smaller segments or specific ISPs.

With our IntelliSeed interface, you can create segmented lists for download and we will even let you know if there changes to the addresses on the list since the last time you downloaded.

Let's get started...

  1. Start by selecting "Configure/Download IntelliSeed List"

2. If you want to download an IntelliSeed list simply click on the download icon:

3. If you are a manager on your account, you can create a new list for your team to download by selecting Add New to open the List Creation modal. From here, you can name the list, select an engagement profile, and even make a smaller list if you want to only send to a smaller percentage of our addresses.

Finally, you can select the regions you want to include in the IntelliSeed list for targeted segments to specific parts of the world.

4. If the IntelliSeed list is updated, you will see a change icon indicating that there changes to our list from the last time you downloaded the list. If you see this icon you can click on it to see which email addresses were removed or added.

Clicking on the change icon will let you know when you need to re-download the list to get the latest version.

By creating smaller segments of IntelliSeeds, you target specific ISPs or regions and ensure you and your team are monitoring deliverability for all of your domains.

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