What is the difference between the seed list and the IntelliSeed™ List?

A traditional seed list is a list of static email addresses used purely for testing email delivery and inbox placement. A seed address will never engage with email which means it looks like your most unengaged recipients to the ISP’s. Our seed list covers 72 ISPs providing a high-level view of inboxing to assist in identifying email authentication issues, IP performance, and domain reputation.

Our IntelliSeeds™ are virtual users who can automatically subscribe themselves to email lists, interact with emails using real behavior attributes and browse websites. As ISPs look to engagement in making inbox placement decisions, the IntelliX AI Network™ user experience provides a realistic view of inbox performance.

For Inbox Tracker clients, we offer the IntelliSeed™ List, the pioneer of smart-seed monitoring technology. The IntelliSeed™ List allows clients to deploy virtual users from the IntelliX AI Network™ directly into their email lists, providing unparalleled control, and the only behavior-based insights into Gmail.

If you need help downloading your seed list and IntelliSeed™ list, here's a brief how-to article.

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