Once configured, you can view your Google Postmaster Data directly within Inbox Tracker under Deliverability > Postmaster Tools. If you have not configured Postmaster yet, view this help article to learn how.

Once you select Postmaster Tools, you will see a list of domains that are under the profile you are viewing. A green checkmark will indicate that data is present for a domain.

Note:  If you have not setup a domain with Postmaster Tools or scheduled a domain for retrieval, you will be shown the screen below that provides the steps for setting up the domain.

Postmaster Data from domains that have a green checkmark will automatically populate into the platform.  

Our display is customizable so you get to choose which data you want to see.   

For example, if you only like to see IP Reputation, Delivery Errors, and Feedback Loop Data you can edit the enabled charts so next time you will only see those charts.

Our Postmaster Dashboard contains the following data points:

  • Delivery Errors - Shows rejected and temp-failed traffic vs all authenticated traffic coming from that domain within a single graph.

  •  IP Reputation - IP reputation gives a sense of whether the Gmail spam filter might mark emails from that IP as spam or not. We overlay our Inbox Tracker Gmail Inbox percentage for the domain that is being reviewed.

  •  User Spam Rate - Shows the volume of user-report spam vs. email that was sent to the inbox. 

  •  Domain Reputation - Shows whether the Gmail spam filter might mark emails from that domain as spam or not.

  •  Spam Feedback Loop - Shows up for senders who’ve implemented the Gmail Spam Feedback Loop (FBL).

  •  Authenticated Traffic - Shows traffic that passed SPF, DKIM & DMARC over all received traffic that attempted authentication.

  •  Encrypted Traffic - Shows TLS encrypted traffic vs. all mail received from that domain, and consists of two distinct graphs within the same dashboard.

If you have not set up your domains for display within Inbox Tracker you can learn more by reviewing this help article.

For more information on Google Postmaster Tools click here. 

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