On March 31st, we will stop providing OAuth/Scoped Gmail data within the EDS Analyst platform. We’ve been hard at work preparing for this change and we are proud to say we have a solution!

Our panel data will continue to track 42 other global ISP's while retaining over 200,000 panelists through our new approach to Gmail panel sign-up. 

As a client, you already have access to the IntelliX AI Network™, our groundbreaking technology (formerly known as EVUN). We use machine-learning to create simulated users modeled on the behavior of over 2 million actual Internet users. These virtual users can automatically subscribe to email lists, interact with email using real behavior attributes, browse websites, and in the near future even make purchases. As ISPs look to engagement in making inbox placement decisions, the IntelliX AI Network™ user experience provides a realistic view of inbox performance. This data is included in our Competitive Tracker and Inbox Tracker products. 

Many of our Inbox Tracker clients have started deploying the IntelliSeed™ List, the pioneer of smart-seed monitoring technology, allowing them to strategically deploy virtual users from the IntelliX AI Network™ directly into their email lists. Our technology provides unparalleled control, and the only behavior-based insights into Gmail. Start sending yours today.

IntelliX AI Network™ users are currently engaging across sixteen world regions, including the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and South America, enabling monitoring of 15,000 domains (and growing), and millions of emails processed per day through the network.

Our development team is not resting on their laurels, in fact for 2019, the IntelliX AI Network™ will be expanded to provide tracking for other major ISPs. New features of the IntelliX AI Network™ will be launching throughout the year including a robust research and testing tool to enable A/B campaign testing, customer journey monitoring and other programming based on user attributes or behaviors.

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