As you are likely already aware, Gmail announced major changes to their API/Scoped data ecosystem late last year.  Many of these changes were focused around limiting and restricting access to any third-party email providers with access to restricted scopes.  Because of these changes, we needed to make the difficult decision to stop providing OAuth/Scoped Gmail data within the EDS Analyst platform on March 31, 2019.

That is the bad news.  Now for the good news. 

We have spent the past three months working on an alternative, and we believe at some core levels even better, solution. The IntelliX AI Network™ is a groundbreaking technology, launched on December 17, 2018, that uses machine-learning to create simulated users modeled on the behavior of over 2 million actual Internet users. These virtual users can automatically subscribe themselves to email lists, interact with emails using real behavior attributes, browse websites, and in the near future even make purchases and take many other online actions.  As ISPs look to engagement in making inbox placement decisions, the IntelliX AI Network™ user experience provides a realistic view of inbox performance.

In addition, we fundamentally believe that consumers should have the right to choose how their data is shared; and that consumers, when properly informed and given the information to make an informed choice, should have the freedom to use an application for free, in exchange for anonymized and aggregated data sharing.  

So, in accordance with the Gmail policy change in early January, we moved our consumer Gmail application to 2FA and Application-Specific password signups.  This IMAP signup flow does not use the Gmail Scoped API and requires that users explicitly create an application password which is provided to our third-party email application. Further, it does not utilize the Gmail API but instead the historical IMAP protocol. This anonymized and aggregated data will continue to be available within our platform.  We currently have over 110,000 panelists at Gmail who have signed up using this new approach and signups are growing between 7,000-9,000 panelists per-month. Additionally, we continue to actively monitor over 42 other global ISPs.

If you are interested in learning more about our plans for this transition or want to see how you can incorporate the IntelliSeed™ List into your own email sends, contact us today to setup a demo or account review by sending an email to

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