When sending out test emails in Design Tracker, by default we use a dynamic set of test email addresses to deploy your campaign. The preview addresses are different for each test send.

For some users the dynamic addresses we provide can create broken links in a campaign test. If your URL coding populates email address dynamically, you may want to try using our static email address option.

With the Static email option, we will generate one static email address that will stay the same from test to test. 

This static address should allow you to work with your code to prevent broken links in previews and get a more accurate message preview. 

The drawback to using the static email option will be that test spam scores will be based on the test emails coming from eDataSource as a sender (and our IPs, configuration, etc), instead of the sender’s IPs, configuration, etc. If testing your sending configuration is a concern, the static option may not be the best solution.

To create the static address, navigate to the Settings cog in the top right of your screen and select “Manage Static Email”.

Edit the first part of the address and save it. From there, you can use this email address to plan for any dynamic links in your campaign where email is required.

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