How are IntelliSeeds™ different from a traditional seed list and how often should you use them? Use this article as a guide to expand your view of the inbox.

When should I send to the seed list vs. the IntelliSeed™ List?

We recommend sending to the seed list one to two times per week for each sending domain. The seed list can also be helpful when deployed with campaigns that have new creatives or templates. If your campaign has multiple versions, only send the Seed list with one of them.

The IntelliSeed™ List should be treated like real subscribers. Start by incorporating them into your regular deployments, and then apply your normal segmentation strategy to the IntelliSeed™ addresses. Because they will engage with your messages, you want them to be seamlessly incorporated with your actual audience.

Can I send to both the seed list and the IntelliSeed™ list?

Yes, you can.  If your IntelliSeed™ List has been incorporated into your regular campaign schedule, you can add the seed list to a deployment for additional information. The seed list should not be included on every send. 

IntelliSeed™ List Best Practices:

  • How many IntelliSeeds should I use? For audience sizes under 1 million records, a minimum of 25 IntelliSeed™ addresses per ISP (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft) is recommended. For larger audiences, it’s fine to use the full IntelliSeed™ list.
  • How do I choose which IntelliSeeds™ to include? We recommend randomizing the list when you segment out records to ensure you get an even slice of engagement. Check out this tool to help you randomize!
  • Can I include the full IntelliSeed™ List with every send? Only if every subscriber in your database receives every email. Treat the IntelliSeeds™ like your subscribers for the most representative view of inbox placement
  • What's the event limit for IntelliSeeds™? There is no limit on how often you can send to the IntelliSeed™ List, but remember to treat them like regular subscribers and your segmentation should take care of the rest

Seed List Best Practices:

  • How often should I send to the seed list? Generally we recommend one to two seed tests per week for each sending domain
  • Can I split up the seed list? No, you must include the entire seed list . The only time the seed list should be deployed by itself is to test out new creatives on a campaign. If you are doing a test, avoid using the word "Test" in the subject line.
  • Should I use the seed list with transactional campaigns? The seed list needs to be deployed as a complete list and each time it's deployed it counts as one event
  • Can I use the seed list to help warm up IP? No, ISP's are heavily relying on engagement to assess and build your sending reputation. Avoid using seed testing until you have an established reputation and steady sending volume
  • Does it matter when I send the seed list? Always send the seed list at the same time as your regular deployment. For best seed performance, distribute the seeds equally throughout your entire send. If possible, avoid placing the entire seed list by itself in front of a send or at the end of a send.
  • What should I do if my inbox tracker reporting has a high Missing %? Periodically check your ESP's suppression list to make sure that none of the seed addresses have bounces or are blocked from being sent. Always use the most recent EDS seed list in your deployments. You will receive an email notification when the updated seed list is available.

How To Download My Seed Lists

What happens if I go over my monthly or annual seed test limits?

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