ISP Weighting helps to create a more accurate representation of your user data. Compare and contrast data between profiles to see how different weights affect your results.

At the top left of your dashboard, look for the text that says “ISP Weighting”.

You can either manually set specific ISP weightings or upload your email list to determine your ISP makeup. This data is not stored and is only used to analyze weights based on the domains. Press "Apply" to return to the dashboard.

Use the slider to to turn the custom weights on or off. 

Remember, custom ISP weighting only applies to the specific profile you are viewing. You are free to create an unlimited amount of profiles with varying ISP weightings. 

To create a shared set of profiles across users, check out our guide on How to Create a Shared Workspace. Note that after cloning you will still be able to customize your own ISP weights which will not affect other users with the same cloned workspace.

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