Design Tracker is a powerful tool that allows you to optimize your campaigns before deployment. 

It enables you to:

  • See a detailed view of your campaign across different web and mobile browsers and clients
  • Assess your email's Spam Score
  • Predict, preview and improve Subject Line strength with Persado
  • Use Link Analysis to uncover potential issues with your URLs 

Creating a Preview Campaign

1 - Navigate to Design Tracker and create a New Preview Campaign.

2 - Select Test Clients. You can either manually select your test clients each time or create a default set in the "Settings" cog. Creating a default set allows you to easily load your selected test clients for previews going forward.

3 - Send your test email. Send to our preview list in the prompt or manually paste in your HTML.

4 - Watch your results come to life. Get an overall view of all your platforms or click an individual client to see a more detailed preview of your campaign.  

Don’t stop there…

Spam Score. Use this feature to see potential areas of improvement to help your campaign reach the inbox.

Test the strength of your subject lines with Subject Predict. Powered by Persado, this feature assigns an emotion to your subject line and predicts its open rate compared to similar brands in your industry.  

Click the underlined words to see additional suggestions by Persado based on the predicted emotion.

Preview your subject line across multiple platforms to see how it will appear in the inbox.

Link Analysis. Take a closer look at the links in your campaign and uncover potential issues.  

Click the arrows for more information on a particular link.

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