On Oct. 8th, Google announced sweeping policy changes to their platform in regards to Gmail and API third-party access.For consumers, these changes will provide a level of assurance, accountability, and privacy rarely (if ever) seen by free webmail services. However, for data providers (including our competitors), these new policies will mean a transition to alternative data sources for the monitoring of Gmail deliverability. 

eDataSource has been at the forefront of consumer panel monitoring as it relates to privacy for many years now. We were and continue to be fully compliant with GDPR, have support for the California Privacy Law, and take great care to ensure the data protection of all of our panelists.  It had become clear that limitations imposed by platform providers may one day pose a challenge to our ability to collect, aggregate, anonymize and make available insights based upon consumer panel data.

While we had not intended to make this announcement until early 2019, given the Gmail policy changes, we feel it is important to give each of our valued partners an early insight into the future of our deliverability monitoring solutions.

So, without further delay, we are excited to announce the next generation of monitoring solutions: 

The Enhanced Virtual User Network - EVUN (pronounced “Evan”).

EVUN (patent-pending) takes the best of our virtual personas, seeds and our consumer panel and combines them into a single technology. In many cases, EVUN will provide turn-key monitoring of sender campaigns with zero configuration. Senders can also include pre-defined and/or fully customized EVUN addresses on their email list to ensure the monitoring of their campaigns.

What makes EVUN addresses better than even consumer panel data? Below are just some of the early planned features for EVUN accounts.

Zero Cost - Unlike traditional seeds, there will be no per-address cost to use EVUN addresses on your own or clients' email lists.

Real-life Simulated Engagement - EVUN addresses simulate real-life users and the way they engage with their email.EVUN accounts are created globally and simulate engagement in different areas of the world. Real-life engagement profiles will open, read and delete messages in the same way users of email lists do.Want to see if Gmail delivers email differently to users in India?With EVUN accounts, you'll know because we will use machine-learning to simulate the engagement from within the specific countries themselves.EVUN profiles will even "take vacations" and model night-workers, day-workers, users who read heavily, users who read rarely, and even inactive accounts.

Geolocation - EVUN accounts will be assigned to actual different regions of the world.Accounts will be created in those countries and engagement will occur.

A/B Testing - EVUN addresses will easily support true A/B testing of your email campaigns.Specify which EVUN address will be the control group and which addresses will be the experiment. Quickly and easily monitor the results.

Fully Customizable - You'll be able to create and define your own customized EVUN users.Want to simulate a user who is female, 30-35, who lives in Canada, reads promotional mailings at 8%, transactional mailings at 60%, newsletters at 4% and everything else at 3%, and takes a holiday twice a year for one week each time?With EVUN accounts you'll easily be able to control all these variables and more.

Real-life Transactional Information - EVUN addresses will transact across some of the largest senders to simulate purchase behavior.

We are very excited about the future of email deliverability monitoring. While our consumer panel coverage is not going anywhere (we continue to report on 42 other global ISPs in our panel including Outlook/Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL which is, by far, the largest representation available in our industry), we hope to provide even greater insights and refined results with our next generation monitoring network:The Enhanced Virtual User Network, EVUN.

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