Step 1 - Look for the download icon. You can export campaign data from the following areas:

Competitive Tracker

  • Advanced Search.  After performing a search all of the search results can be exported.

  • Sending Domain PageAll of the campaign level data for the date range being viewed for any sending domain can be exported.

  • Brand CompareA PDF document of the brand compare page can be exported. NOTE: This export is a PDF and not a CSV file.

  • Overlap AnalysisThe overlap data can be exported as CSV or PDF

Inbox Tracker

  • Campaign and IP results.The data on the "Campaign Tracker", "By Campaign" and "By IP" tables can be exported.  

Step 2 - Fill out the details. Name your export, choose the file type, and set the frequency you would like to receive the report. Then, press the “Export” button.    

Step 3 - Go to the “Exports” tab at the top. From here you can download your report directly. Go to the “Scheduled” tab if you need to adjust your export settings.

Organize your exported data by creating a Pivot Table - check out our simple guide to learn how!

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