Customize your view. First, create as many profiles as you need to organize your dashboard view. Each profile can be endlessly customized. To view and modify your profiles, click the pencil in the top left corner. Keep in mind that your Delivery Alerts will also be cloned in a shared workspace!  

Enable your workspace to be shared. Once your profiles and alerts are ready to be shared, go to the “Settings” cog in the top right corner and click “Share Inbox Tracker Workspace”. Then, press “Share” in the pop-up. Click the "X" to exit the pop-up.

After sharing, your profile can be cloned by other users. To clone, go back to the top right cog and click “Clone Inbox Tracker Workspace” and select the user’s workspace you would like to copy. Please note that this change is permanent and you cannot recover your own profile after cloning. However, you can make adjustments in the cloned profile that will not apply to the initial user’s own workspace.    

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