In an effort to be as transparent as possible about the Gmail policy changes we are publishing a tentative timeline of events and actions that both we and Gmail are taking in regards to the monitoring of Email Deliverability data from Gmail.

TIMELINE OF EVENTS (future dates are estimates)

October 8, 2018:
Gmail Announces New User Data Policy for ALL Email App Developers

October 10, 2018:
Industry leaders met with Gmail to try and understand and gain clarity around the new User Data Policy.  At this time, no changes or clarity is provided by Gmail.

October 10-12, 2018:
eDataSource met with key stakeholders regarding the new Gmail User Data Policy and provided initial insights into our next generation solution for monitoring Gmail, The Enhanced Virtual User Network.

October 16th, 2018:
The Patent for our Next Generation solution was filed with the US Patent Office.  The Enhanced Virtual User Network (EVUN) is officially patent-pending.

October 16th, 2018:
EVUNs are officially announced at the 5th Annual EDS Client Conference

October 25th, 2018:
EDS introduces the ability for Competitive Tracker clients to toggle between data views both with and without Gmail data.

November 26 - December 31st, 2018:
In preparation for the Jan. 9th deadline, EDS will begin to phase out Gmail Consumer Network (Panel) Data from both Inbox Tracker and Competitive Tracker platforms.

Mid-To-Late December, 2018:
EDS launches the Enhanced Virtual User Network into both Inbox and Competitive Trackers.  Along with inclusion of the EVUN data into data partners data feeds.

January 9, 2019:
Gmail officially prevents Email Apps from using Email Data in any manner outside of directly for the Email App itself.  Gmail data no longer available within EDS Platforms.  The Next Generation of Gmail Monitoring:  EVUNs assume full capability for monitoring deliverability at Gmail.

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