Exporting campaign data from our platform is simple!  Anywhere you see the following icon means you can export the resulting data to CSV and then import it into Excel or any other tool which supports the CSV format.

You can export campaign data from the following areas:

Competitive Tracker

  • Advanced Search.  
    After performing a search all of the search results can be exported.
  • Sending Domain Page
    All of the campaign level data for the date range being viewed for any sending domain can be exported.
  • Brand Compare
    A PDF document of the brand compare page can be exported. NOTE: This export is a PDF and not a CSV file.
  • Overlap Analysis
    The overlap data can be exported as CSV or PDF

Inbox Tracker

  • Campaign and IP results.
    The data on the "Campaign Tracker", "By Campaign" and "By IP" tables can be exported.  

Design Tracker

You can export all of the creatives for a design test as a PDF or ZIP file.   The ZIP file will contain the full resolution images for each test client.  To export these results open a previously run test and then click the export button.

Analytics Tracker (part of Inbox Tracker)

You can export all of the data for your email analytics from within Analytics Tracker.  To export this data open an active analytics campaign and then click the export button. You will then have the option to export the "Raw" or "Rollup" data.  

The "Raw" data will include every single beacon hit we received across your email send. This will also include any custom tags you may have included within your tracking code and can be used to get user-level analytics across your entire email list.

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