Here are few steps to enable the setting for an X-header value to group your campaigns in Inbox Tracker. We recommend appending the X-Header value to your campaigns then confirming it by checking the raw headers of a few campaigns to verify the value is passing before updating your configuration setting in the UI. 

To make this update, you'll need to contact your sending ESP to have an X-header value appended. Here's an example of what the raw header looks like with an X-Header value for "x-cid":

Our system will recognize either x-cid or x-campaignid in the email header. 

Once you have confirmed that the X-Header value has been added to the email campaigns, we can change the Campaign Identification setting in the platform to look for the value that you have chosen to use. 

You can do this by going to your settings and selecting Tracking Method:

From there, you'll be prompted to change your identification method to the value of your choice from our dropdown. Once you have selected it, click "Confirm" to update your campaign tracking method:

Now, view your campaigns using the Campaign ID Filter:

We're happy to assist you in verifying this prior to changing your platform configuration. Other X-Header values may be configured by request.
Please send an email to

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